Jennifer Durrant
Nursing Director

Jennifer Durrant has been in health care for the past 17 years. She started as a nurse assistant, working in pediatric oncology and soon realized she had a passion for palliative and hospice care. She found meaning in holding space for patients and families as they worked through the complexities associated with facing a terminal illness, Jennifer took that passion and decided to become a nurse. Upon graduation, she went straight into geriatric care and quickly fell in love with the field.

Prior to joining Integrated MD Care, Jennifer worked as a hospice nurse for 5 years providing guidance, expertise and compassionate care to patients and families facing a variety of complex health challenges.

Jennifer now continues her path at Integrated MD Care, untethered from the limitations and bureaucracy inherent in the traditional hospice field. She is grateful for the opportunity to provide true palliative care and support to all families and patients under her care.