Jen Durrant, Ep. 12

Nurse Shares Views On Dying, Jen Durrant Ep. 12

Nurse Jen Durrant of Integrated MD Care shares her views on dying and why she believes it should be more accepted in society. Note: A Life and Death Conversation is produced for the ear. The optimal experience will come from listening to it. We provide the transcript as a way to easily navigate to a particular section … Continued

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Faye Girsh, Ep. 9

Faye Girsh Talks about the Right To Die, Ep. 9

Hemlock Society San Diego (619) 233-4418 In this episode, Faye Girsh talks about the Right To Die and why she continues to support the movement. Faye was the President of the Hemlock Society USA from 1996-2002 and Senior Vice President of End-of-Life Choices (Hemlock’s temporary name) from 2002-2004. She had served on Hemlock’s national board … Continued

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Derek Humphry, Ep. 8

Founding the Hemlock Society, Derek Humphry Ep. 8

Derek Humpry is an author and principal founder of the Hemlock Society (now Compassion & Choices). Derek shares his poignant story about helping his wife, who was terminally ill, end her life and how he founded the Hemlock Society. Derek’s website: Transcript Dr. Bob: Welcome to A Life and Death Conversation with Dr. Bob … Continued

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Bill Andrews' Sons

Sons Share Dad’s End-Of-Life Experience, Ep. 7

In a very candid and poignant conversation, Bill Andrews’ sons share what their dad’s end-of-life experience was like for them. Hear how they worked as a team to help their dad have the best death. Note, if you haven’t already listened to their father’s episode, please click here to listen to Bill Andrews share why … Continued

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Elizabeth Semenova, ep 6

Dealing With Loss, Elizabeth Semenova Ep. 6

Elizabeth Semenova is the Director of Operations at Integrated MD Care. She shares her insights and personal stories about dealing with loss. The holidays can be an especially difficult time, listen to how Elizabeth handled her own loss and how she and Dr. Bob help others. Transcript Dr. Bob: Welcome to A Life and Death Conversation … Continued

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Bill Andrews, Episode 2

Why I’m Ending My Life, Bill Andrews Ep. 2

Dr. Bob’s patient, Bill Andrews had ALS and was terminally ill. Before Bill decided to exercise his right to die in California, he agreed to do this interview to help others understand the importance of the law and his decision. Transcript Dr. Bob:  Hi everybody. I’m here today on the phone with a gentleman who … Continued

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