Dr. Ken Druck, Ep. 3

Healing After A Loss, Ken Druck Ep. 3

Dr. Ken Druck’s work in personal transformation, male psychology, parenting, and grief literacy has awakened readers to their absolute best selves for almost four decades. In this episode, Dr. Druck and Dr. Bob talk about healing after a loss. Contact Dr. Ken Druck website Transcript Dr. Bob: I’m here with a good friend of mine … Continued

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A Life and Death Conversation, Dr. Bob Uslander Ep. 1

In this podcast, we talk about life, death and everything in between. We’ll explore how to age more gracefully, have meaningful conversations, and what you can do now to ensure the best possible end-of-life experience for yourself and your loved ones. Let’s become friendlier with death. Transcript Dr.Bob Uslander: Just me. I will be having … Continued

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