Dr. Bob Uslander
Medical Director, Founder

Dr. Bob believes that effective care goes beyond simply keeping his patients comfortable; in fact, he believes it is vital for a team to work together to address ALL of a person’s needs—physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, in order to ensure the best possible quality of life. He sees this as something the elderly, seriously ill and the dying are often deprived of, and it’s become his mission in life to change that.

Dr. Bob’s work involves fostering deep connections with patients and families going through major health and life challenges and struggles. He guides them in making decisions about their care so they can enjoy the greatest sense of peace and wellbeing while they go through the stages of aging and complex illness, up to and including the taking of their final breath.

Dr. Bob collaborates with other physicians on behalf of his patients and families, and often brings families together in their understanding of the situation and the best ways to support and honor their loved ones.

He and his team members take a “village” approach to providing healthcare, and focus on what matters most to their patients and families (rather than what’s the matter with them), so the journey becomes comfortable, safe, and as peaceful as possible. Their focus is on integrating all areas of a person’s care, including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, so life is as rich and fulfilling as possible.

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