Dr. Tim Corbin

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Palliative Care, and Hospice, Dr. Corbin has broad clinical experience in multiple medical settings, including hospital and clinic-based care, and home care. He has been affiliated with Scripps Health for over 20 years, starting at a resident in Internal Medicine and then Chief Medical Resident. He has been in private practice and has also worked as a Hospitalist and a Palliative Care specialist.

He is the founder of the Scripps Encinitas Palliative Care program as well as the Scripps Green Outpatient Palliative Care service. He was the Medical Director of the Hospice and Palliative Care program of Scripps Health from 2013 to 2018.

Dr. Corbin’s true passion is patient care. He has expertise in pain management, developing patient plans of care, and providing comprehensive, compassionate end of life care. He prioritizes listening to patients and families and clear communication. His goal is to provide the highest quality medical care that supports patients in making decisions that align with their own values and preferences.

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