Integrated MD Care’s services cover a broad spectrum of healthcare needs, covering traditional and holistic health care approaches that provide comfort, safety and advocacy for patients and their families.

Our Process

Initial Free Phone Consultation

Our services begin with a phone call, and a conversation about your needs, to determine if Integrated MD Care is the right fit. If yes, we will schedule our comprehensive health care assessment.

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Comprehensive Health Care Assessment & Plan of Care

We start with a comprehensive assessment and Plan of Care to support both patients and families facing difficult health decisions. This assessment and care planning includes physician guidance on issues ranging from quality-of-life enhancements to medical care, second opinions and alternative treatments. Our assessment and Plan of Care offers patients and families an unbiased, expert opinion on current and future treatment and care options and is customized to the unique needs of each patient and his or her caregiver(s).

This Plan of Care is regularly reviewed and optimized to adapt to shifting priorities and requirements, always focusing on the patient’s comfort and safety, and promoting home-based care wherever possible.

Ongoing Care Based on Plan of Care

Our Plan of Care leverages a full range of services available through our own staff as well as other community-based health care providers, leading to a truly integrated, physician-led health care experience. We customize the Plan of Care depending on the amount of support that a patient needs and currently has available.

In some instances, patients might only require an occasional check-in, while others may need care in the home from our providers several times a week, in addition to coordination of other in-home services.   It all depends on the complexity of the patient’s health care situation.

Integrated MD Care’s services include:

Healthcare Navigation

We work closely with patients and families to navigate and manage the entire network of health care support to ensure the patient’s comfort, safety, and dignity.

  • Thorough understanding of health care management and resource options
  • Traditional and holistic health care options
  • In-home and medical facility options
  • Help with medical decisions
  • Second opinions
  • Health services and appointments coordination

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Patient Health Care and Comfort

We develop care plans that prioritize quality of life as well as symptom and pain management. We are your on-call support team for urgent needs, doing whatever is possible to keep patients comfortable and families supported, especially as related to keeping patients comfortably and safely in their homes.

  • In-home or at-facility doctor and nurse team
  • Physician-led medical care
  • Massage, physical, music and art therapies
  • Mindfulness
  • Acupuncture
  • Healing touch
  • Gourmet meal preparation and delivery

Caregiver Support

Wherever appropriate and possible, we help coordinate services to allow patients to avoid hospitalization and nursing homes. This means providing services that help ensure quality of life for both the patient and their caregivers.

  • In-home doctor, nurse, diagnostic and therapist visits
  • Coordinating and overseeing home nursing care and non-medical care
  • Responsive, constantly recalibrated care plans
  • Regular, frequent communication and updates with patient and family
  • 24/7 access to doctor by phone, text and email

> Read about Judith, Dr. M’s daughter, who finally received the communication and support she needed while helping care for her father, through Integrated MD Care’s help.

Transition Assistance

During a crisis and end-of-life, we have a compassionate doctor available every day and every hour for guidance and care.

  • Moving home from hospital or nursing home
  • Initiating in-home care
  • Identifying appropriate levels of care
  • Advocacy during hospitalization
  • Guidance and support in preparing for end-of-life

The Integrated MD Care Experience

As outlined above, we provide in-home, physician-led care to fully meet the needs of our patients and families, including access to a care team 24/7. Our services extend beyond medical needs to provide daily care coordination and assistance, resulting in a better quality of life at every stage. The infographic below highlights the benefits of Integrated MD Care’s services.

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