Medicinal Cannabis

How Medicinal Cannabis Heals the Body

Article by Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA, Holistic Caring. The challenges to managing serious illness, cancer, chronic pain, neurological disorders, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are many. Clinicians need every available tool to guide patients toward healing. An integrated approach needs creativity, intuition, and science to blend. The promise of CBD & THC therapeutics is vast for … Continued

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Playing First Base for the Yankees

“Have I told you what I’ll be doing after I die?” she asked me. “No,” I replied. “In the afternoons I’ll be playing first base for the Yankees and in the evenings I’ll be first violinist for the Philharmonic Orchestra.” “That sounds pretty wonderful,” I said. “What will you do in the mornings?” “I’m not … Continued

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There Are Alternatives to Nursing Homes

My mother made me promise that I would never force her to live in a nursing home.  Years before, she made the same promise to her mother.  I grew up with the perception that nursing homes are sad, lonely places where old or sick people were deposited when they had no one to take care … Continued

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