Palliative Care and End of Life Care in San Diego, CA

Everyone Deserves a “Soft Landing”

When you or a loved one are searching for safety in the storm of frustration and struggle that so often accompanies the dying and grieving process, our medical group’s team of End of Life Experts is here to help.

The Empowered Endings Medical Group, led by Palliative and End of Life Care physician Dr. Bob Uslander, and Grief & Spiritual Counselor Elizabeth Uslander, provides End of Life Care and Counseling to ensure that each patient and their loved ones have an Empowered End of Life Experience.

Instead of the default end of life experience the healthcare system offers, we help people find the path to improved quality of life while they’re living, and a peaceful death when that time comes. We actively support the loved ones in avoiding the trauma and regret that so often devastates the dying and grieving process.

We specialize in supporting patients and families in understanding and navigating all legal End of Life Options, including standard or concierge hospice care, Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) and Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED). Explore our Services to learn more.

Paying It Forward

Empowered Endings is a collective in San Diego, Ca dedicated to improving End of Life Care for all through the services, education and resources offered by the medical group, institute and foundation.

The Empowered Endings Foundation provides resources to healthcare professionals and community members, including financial assistance and grief support for End of Life Options. Our Medical Aid in Dying Bereavement Support Group, facilitated by Grief Guides Lori Krause and Marlo Smith meets virtually on Mondays at 6 pm PST. For more information, explore our Resources or reach out to

The Empowered Endings Institute is currently under development, and will be offering training and certification for providers who wish to become Empowered End of Life Experts and Grief Guides or replicate our model of care in their own community.

Bob and Elizabeth

Meet Our Founders

Dr. Bob and Elizabeth Uslander founded Empowered Endings to share the wisdom of their experience and to shift social paradigms around End of Life Care and Options. Combining Dr. Bob’s expertise as a physician in emergency medicine, palliative and end of life care with Elizabeth’s expertise in grief, end of life, family and spiritual counseling – they have guided and cared for hundreds of patients and families in their Empowered End of Life Experiences. They share a passion for honoring dignity and choice in life and death, which serves as the foundation for all of their work.



Watch this moving video as Barbara shares her (and her loved one’s) experience of peace, comfort and empowerment with Empowered Endings' revolutionary approach to compassionate end-of-life care. In this clip, Heidi shares her personal story about a loved one with complex, in-home, health care needs and how she found the support she needed to improve care, reduce stress, and increase joy for her and her loved ones.


Watch this moving video as Barbara shares her (and her loved one’s) experience of peace, comfort and empowerment with Empowered Endings' revolutionary approach to compassionate end-of-life care.


A San Diego widow shares her husband's end-of-life story to help others.


I am very grateful to Dr. Bob Uslander and Elizabeth Uslander for all their care and assistance to my late husband and our family. Their visits to our home, thoughtful personal attention, and management of his medical and spiritual needs made his final days comfortable and content and allowed him to remain in the home that he loved with his family. Dr. Bob Uslander's evaluation and interventions, and Elizabeth Uslander's perceptive insights and suggestions about topics for conversation, were especially helpful and eased his crossing immensely. Thank you.

F J L.

It's a blessing that the state of California provides qualifying patients with an option. Nobody should have to suffer. I am beyond grateful to Dr. Bob Uslander for his professionalism, sensitivity and care.

Webb W.

I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Bob Uslander. You were there when my husband needed you. How can I thank you for that? He was suffering from ALS and wanted to go on his own terms. A friend recommended Dr. Bob Uslander. From that point on he knew he was going to be taken care of. I only wish this service was given as an option in very beginning. But we had to find it on our own. To those who are on the fence about contacting this doctor. Please do yourself and your loved one a favor and call. You won’t be sorry.

Linda W.

After the very sudden and unexpected death of my younger sister, Elizabeth Uslander was an enormous support. She was understanding, comforting and gave me a framework for my grief process. Losing someone is never easy, but with Elizabeth Uslander’s support it has been a much richer experience. I am grateful to have met her and highly recommend working with her.

Laing R.

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