While hospice services are intended to meet your physical and spiritual care, many patients discover that they fall short of their end-of-life needs. Dr. Bob Uslander, Elizabeth Uslander, and our team at Integrated MD Care will help you define your goals and explain all your options. They provide care that enhances or replaces hospice services, and transforms your experience from one of fear to one of peace and empowerment. If you need a partner to support you through hospice care, call the office or use online booking to schedule a free phone consultation.

Hospice Care Q & A

What is hospice care?

Hospice care refers to a range of services provided to people who are terminally ill. The goal of hospice care is to keep you comfortable and provide the medical, spiritual, and emotional support you need to meet death with dignity and peace of mind.
Hospice care represents a philosophy of care, not a place. As a result, you can get hospice care in your home or at a facility.

When can I receive hospice care?

The discussion about hospice care often begins when you and your doctor acknowledge that your illness can’t be cured or when you decide to stop receiving curative treatment.
Hospice care is typically considered when you have six months or less to live, but you don’t need to wait until then to contact Integrated MD Care.  We have no restrictions or limitations.
The team at Integrated MD care meets with you at any time to help you with the complex and overwhelming questions you face. They can help you make decisions that honor your values and support your dignity.

What is the difference between hospice care and end-of-life care?

Many patients discover that hospice care doesn’t cover all their end-of-life needs. Integrated MD Care eliminates the gaps, providing the care you need without the restrictions that determine if you’re eligible for hospice care.

Whether you need grief counseling, spiritual guidance, integrative therapies, or someone to coordinate your care, the Integrated MD Care team helps you create an end-of-life plan that provides for all your goals and wishes.

How does an “End of Life” assessment help guide my decisions?

Integrated MD Care offers an in-home assessment, providing an honest evaluation of your current care and talking with you about your options. During your assessment, they:

  • Evaluate the care you currently receive
  • Assess your current pain and symptom management strategies
  • Identify any current or potential gaps in your care
  • Discuss ways to fill or prevent those gaps
  • Talk about your goals and wishes
  • Create a realistic care plan that aligns with your goals and wishes
  • Review the traditional and alternative therapies that fit your goals
  • Provide guidance and advocacy for the best possible hospice care
  • Develop a strategy for communicating with family, loved ones, and care providers

You can depend on the Integrated MD Care team to provide objective and commonsense information that empowers you to make the best decisions.

If you or a loved one needs hospice care, Integrated MD Care offers a free consultation. Call the office or schedule your consultation online today.

Need an Advocate to Help You Navigate the Complex Healthcare System?

Although there are a lot of great people with big hearts and good intentions working in the field, the hospice system does not support individualized care, the way you would want it. The way you deserve it.

Sometimes you just need an advocate to help you through our complex healthcare system. 

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