Struggling is a Choice

In my previous life as an emergency physician, my career revolved around saving lives and relieving suffering.  I had great job security, because there are always people needing saving and relief from suffering!

But suffering is an interesting and unpredictable thing.

I’ve cared for 90 year olds who are blind, bed-bound and in constant pain who choose not to suffer.

I’ve cared for 30 year olds who seem to have everything going for them, yet they suffer.

So I started wondering, “what determines whether someone will choose to suffer or not?”

The answer I came up with?  The ability to experience a sense of inner peace and wellbeing in your life- regardless of your particular circumstances.

Without inner peace and wellbeing, life just feels like a struggle.

While I no longer practice emergency medicine, I still focus on relieving suffering.  And I’m dedicated to helping people, regardless of their particular circumstances, experience inner peace and wellbeing.

I’m especially passionate about my mission in life because I know that a sense of wellbeing and inner peace are available to everyone.  If I didn’t believe this were true, I wouldn’t expend so much time and energy trying to convince people that it is, and teaching the principles to help get there.

The biggest misconception people have is that wellbeing and inner peace are conditional, and that you need to achieve some particular status, obtain something, or be free of something in order to know wellbeing and inner peace.  This is not true.  There are many people who have achieved wealth, fame and incredible success, as our society seems to define it, who are truly miserable, and don’t have a moment of inner peace of wellbeing.  There are many others who live in what most people would consider terrible circumstances, who experience an incredible degree of wellbeing and inner peace.

What about you?  Do you know how to find true inner peace?  Are you living in a state of overall wellbeing?  Or, like so many others, do you struggle to feel truly positive about your life and your future?

Does it feel like you’re being thrashed about by the circumstances of life, rarely (or never) feeling safe and supported?

As a physician for the past 25 years I understand the harmful effects of living with fear, stress and emotional pain.  I’ve witnessed the devastating results in thousands of patients I’ve treated in the ER.  It doesn’t need to be this way.  You don’t need to continue struggling and suffering, unless you choose to.

I truly believe that the only way for our society to survive, and thrive, is for each of us, as individuals, to experience a deep sense of wellbeing and peace, while simultaneously recognizing that we are each an integral part of something much bigger and grander than our individual lives.

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