What Does it Feel Like to Die?

This short video by Tom Bartels and Jennie Dear, offers a gentle overview of what may happen as a person’s physical body shuts down from a terminal illness.  Every situation is unique, and the dying process for each individual will be unique as well.

Having honest and open conversations with people who understand the process and are willing to discuss it is critically important.

Our mission at Integrated MD Care is to provide education, guidance and support to patients and families so they have the information they need to make decisions that align with their highest values and offer the best chances of having a “soft landing.”

This unique video is a companion to the author Jennie Dear’s book “What Does It Feel Like to Die?: Inspiring New Insights into the Experience of Dying” (Kensington Books, June 2019).

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PODCAST: Going Through the Dying Process – Chelsea Berler is a successful entrepreneur, an author and an inspiration for many people. Tragically, she is also dying from breast cancer at the age of 34. But you won’t hear her describe what she’s going through as a tragedy nor does she see herself as a victim. Listen and please share this episode with others who need to hear it. Listen here. 

PODCAST: What to do When a Loved One is Dying  – Stacey Canfield created Soul Sitters, an organization dedicated to supporting the spiritual journey of patients and families during their end-of-life process. In this podcast, you’ll hear the steps to help loved ones through the dying process. Listen here. 

PODCAST: We Croak –Hansa Bergwall is the creator of a new app called “WeCroak”. Out of his own personal meditation practice, he determined that death contemplation could be beneficial, not just for him, but for many people. Listen here. 

<p”>ARTICLE: Part 1 of 3: Medical Aid in Dying and the California End of Life Option Act – The law is basically designed for people who are residents of California who are adults 18 or over who have a terminal condition that is likely to end the person’s life within six months. If it follows the typical course, they need to be competent to make decisions. They need to have decision-making capacity, meaning they understand the implications. Learn more here. 

HELPFUL RESOURCE: Considering Hospice? –The goal of hospice it to support a person in having as peaceful and comfortable a death as possible. The term Hospice Care is often used interchangeably with End-of-Life Care, but they are not exactly one and the same.

Of course, hospice is a valuable service, but there are huge gaps between what people want and need, and what is provided by traditional hospice. These gaps can create an enormous amount of struggle for uninformed or unprepared patients and loved ones.

Learn about the Integrated MD Care alternatives and enhancements to hospice care here.

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